Senior Hours at Costco Near me

Senior hours at Costco near me-Costco Wholesale Club has taken specific measures for the betterment and welfare of senior members of 60+. As they being of old age, are categorized as vulnerable shoppers especially in view of the recent coronavirous pandemic.

There is update from Costco Wholesale Club where the authorities are going to extend shopping hours “until further notice” and the reason attributed for the same are the rising coronavirous related cases.

As far as 14.7 million COVID 19 cases have come in United States alone, by early Sunday evening which have resulted in the death of at least 22,231 as per the reports coming out from Johns Hopkins University Italy.

Senior Hours at Costco Near me

As per the version described in the website, the special operating hours are specially dedicated for seniors like those who are 60 years or older and the same rule applies for those who have disabilities.

Mostly, the locations follow the designated timing for seniors and that also includes disabled one and it is between 9: am and 10: am Monday to Friday.

The practice of giving a dedicated hour started way back in the month of March 24, which started twice weekly basis which soon switched over to thrice per week. However, most clubs extended the offerings to weekday mornings, as per the version of USA Today.

Even though Costco was strategizing to stop the usual practice of special hours for vulnerable shoppers in July, but due to rising cases, the authorities were prompted again to continue with the same, as per the version of Fox Business.

The membership club made it compulsory for the masks to be worn in different stores. It has equally changed its policy recently where even the shoppers who weren’t wearing masks due to claiming of medical exemptions were included in the list of wearing face coverings.

The authorities seems to be very strict towards taking no chance in creating a safe and fool proof mechanism especially in the wake of Coronavrious scenario where rising number of deaths have sent chills down the spine of one and all.

One only hope, that these measures favor all, especially the seniors who are mostly vulnerable due to their old age and having less immunity and they know that they should get special attributes due to the same.

Overall, special hours are a blessing for them as they can find a space for themselves to do the shopping according to their own will without any hassles.

That’s the best way of respecting the old age people who have been a part of mainstream up till now while working in different sectors by rendering their impeccable services. Rightly now, they need our support and help and this is the moment, when special hours are a sort of respect and help for them as they direly need due to their old nature.

This is where senior hours at Costco play an important part and everyone seems to be happy where the best has been done for the people who need the most.

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