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MetroPCS Wifi Calling-It is highly important to remain in touch with near and dear ones right during the time of being out of station. So, if you are away to any other place and looking forward to make a call on T-Mobile, then it has started with an awesome feature namely WiFi Calling.

Yes, even if the signal is weak and you are like “OMG” yet you don’t have to worry, as thanks to MetroPCS WiFi Calling. Yes, this feature enables you to text or call from places with little or no signal. This is where Wi-Fi connection comes to your rescue to establish the connection. You need to set the IP and connect with Wifi signal to talk or text based on your desires.

There is no hidden charged offered by MetroPCS. Based on the extent of Wi-Fi connection which you receive, will affect the quality, likewise.

WiFi calling on MetroPCS-Metropcs wifi calling error reg90

You get free service through MetroPCS Wi-Fi Calling which is included in the plan of yours.  This is basically the application which gives impetus to users to make or receive calls through Wi-Fi network.  There is another name given to this service namely “Joyn” which you can download from Metro App Store or Google Play Store.

Rates for regular calls with respect to Wi-Fi calls are the same both for long distance as well as international numbers. It is important for both people to be operational on Wi-Fi and they would be using Joyn for placing video call.

Metro PCS WiFi Calling in Android and IOS Phones: – Method of setting up

Here is the process for Android

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Network Settings
  • Find WiFi calling and enable it
  • There may be additional instructions to follow, if promoted


  • Turn on Wifi
  • Go to settings
  • Tap phone
  • Turn the WiFi calling
  • You need to follow additional instructions, if promoted

How should be the process of enabling MetroPCS Wi-Fi Calling not working?

If you are both excited and curious to know the whole process of enabling Wi-Fi calling and how it is done, then the following steps are very easy. Based on the kind of device, you may find a bit of variance in the steps:-

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on Wireless and Networks
  • In order to initiate the WiFi calling process, slide the WiFi switch so that it turns “ON”
  • In order to turn on Wi-Fi calling, either select “Never use cellular network” or “WiFi preferred”

Are you having troubles while using your Wi-Fi calling 911/900 address error?

There may be the times, when you have to contend with the issue of connection problem. Yes, that includes while using MetroPCS WiFi calling, so the best thing you can do is to talk to the Metro PCS support. Also, there are few trouble shooting steps which you can adhere as well.

  • Check your Wi-Fi network
  • REG09: Missing 911 address error
  • Browse device troubleshooting

Final Thoughts

Finally, this is how things can get done where you never have to be away from people who matter.

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