Metropcs Wi-Fi calling-How to setup/Enable wifi calling on MetroPCS


Metropcs Wi-Fi calling-Ever got stuck in a condition when you wished to make a call in an emergency only to search that you are presently in an ‘out of reach’ location where there is no network connection? This may have
caused countless times to you, but do you wish your boss, your wife or husband to trust you? Well,
not everyone is going to realize your condition, wherein they will be thinking that you are supposed
to making excuses or lying. So now, in order to neglect to fall in such an unwanted situation, and to
be able to call even when there is no connection (this is no dream!), be sure that you provide due
consideration to take on Metro PCS WiFi calling. All it needs to empower yourself to handle the
issues of network coverage is a full Wi-Fi calling process from MetroPCS.

What’s Metro PCS WiFi calling all about?

Forgoing in to the details of Metro PCS WiFi calling, let us have a short description, what is meant
by Wi-Fi calling. It is a main application that permits the user to make or take calls using a Wi-Fi
connection. It gives a great mobile phone service, which is really profitable. With this application, a
person can get your SMS, and take your voice calls though they are in the place where there is no
network connection.
The Wi-Fi calling facility that is

being given by Metro PCS is popular by the name ‘Joyn’. Joyn can be downloaded from the Metro App Store easily or from the Google Play store. It can be processed overall Metro PCS 4G LTE phones, besides the Samsung Craft and Samsung Indulge. The best part about this selective service given by Metro PCS is that you can call any phone over Wi-Fi, no matter if it is a landline or a phone belongs to another carrier. The same regulations and rates that can be applied to regular calls apply to calls by Wi-Fi for International or long-distance numbers.

Wi-Fi calling on Metro PCS allows you to call, massage, send videos, photos and files with everyone.
Having a simple App called JOYN, you can now call, chat, send videos, photos and files with whoever
you want, if also they are on Joyn or not. However, one more point to mention here is that to make
a video call, both you and the person you are reaching must be on Wi-Fi and using Joyn. The Metro
PCS WiFi calling process uses your Wi-Fi connectivity always. So, you can be in touch even if you are
not in a network zone. MetroPCS Wifi Calling Service is very exciting, especially when you can connect with all of your friends who too use Joyns online, and can connect to them instantly and chat, or carry on
a group chat. The best thing is having no extra charge for the call over Wi-Fi and you can too connect
with everyone even you are not in a network area powered by Wi-Fi calling.

Metro PCS Wifi Calling Service Set Up Metro PCS WiFi Calling in Android

Now, if you have queries for the quality of the Wi-Fi call that you are doing by this, you should know
that the quality depends totally on the strength of the Wi-Fi connection that you have. Also, it is
dependable on the router age. The older routers are able enough to give good support to various
devices. Also, they are having outdated software which is not all that good for a desirable
connection. Be sure that your router is always updated in the gap of three years for the best

The Following Steps how can enable Set Up Metro PCS WiFi Calling on Android/IOS by below steps.

  • First of all go to setting
  • Now click on Network Setting
  • Now Check out wifi calling and click on enable it.

How to enable Set Up Metro PCS WiFi Calling in IOS

  • Now click on wifi option
  • Select Go To Settings.
  • Tap on Phone Option.
  • Now Tap On Wifi calling

Setup Wifi Calling Metropcs by T-Mobile – How Do I Enable MetroPCS Wi-Fi Calling?

When u want to enable on wifi calling by t mobile then u must follow these steps so that it can be easy for metropcs wifi calling so lets look out,.

  • Now Go to Settings.
  • Now click on Tap on Wireless & Networks.
  • If u want to enable on Wifi calling side the wife switch slide helps to enable on position.
  • Based on the Cellular network of MetroPCS u must look up wifi preferred.

MetroPCS Wi-Fi Calling Set Up is slightkly change based on user mobile

Remember, MetroPCS gives you a WiFi calling facility for free without any extra or hidden cost. Also, if anyone is willing to understand Wi-Fi calling better, then MetroPCS gives several instructional videos on its website, knowing you the total set up process in some simple steps. Know the process and then you will not be anymore away from making your Wi-Fi calls.


So based on above steps u can easily enable MetroPCS Wi-Fi Calling Set Up so if u are not able to enable metropcs wifi calling then u must look up the mobile config.

So i u have any problem prersist while how to enable metropcs wifi calling for setup the metropcs wifi calling for android & iPhone and other so that we can assist to troubleshoot the mobile and solve ur query so lets know u comment below.

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