MetroPCS Warranty Policy

MetroPCS Warranty Policy-The economical option with respect to buying a new phone or a used phone is naturally the latter one.

There are old as well as pre-owned cell phones which can be desired, liked and longed by any carrier.

Metro by T-Mobile gives users the best of convenience and facilities with Warranty Policy or Return Policy. Irrespective of insurance, different phones are available with one year’s warranty. The best example can be that of a defect on the phone. Now, have the option of doing MetroPCS Warrant in any story with similar services. For knowing the nearest store, you can check on Under the MetroPCS Warranty Policy, the up gradation which happens to devices are non returnable and non refundable. In the event, if something can be done and applicable, then a restricted manufacturer’s warranty my well be applicable.  

metropcs warranty exchange policy

Do MetroPCS Phones associate with a warranty? Yes, why not and the things which come under warranty are those faults which aren’t that of customers, especially the mechanical failures. The cause of return shouldn’t be that of warranty issues. By paying $30 upfront, you can get an exchange of warranty at participating stores or if the replacement is shipped in, then a replacement of $15 is done.

Note: – There is no warranty policy issued by Metro PCS, it is just the manufactures that does the same.

The device should be returned within thirty days of your purchase and need not have more than one hour of speaking time.

Metropcs Warranty Exchange Policy

The policy is present for those who get a new phone. Here, you need to pay $15 fee as part of a process order to exchange the same. It is important that the phone shouldn’t have any defects or cracks or water damaged. It should be fairly in a new condition. Mostly, it takes 3-4 business days for receiving the new phones. If you want to save $15, then you can directly go to the manufacturer which may comparably prove to be a slow process.

Let’s know more about Metro PROMISE

Metro by T-Mobile Warranty and Insurance

If you have carrier related issues, then you can contact the Metro PCS Customer Service or get warranty service. If your phone has got the replacement under MetroPCS Warranty Policy, then Metro by T-Mobile will charge in the following manner:-

  • Free:  The handset is provided by Metro along with phone number. Simply call them at 1-888-863-8768 and they will return your phone after repairing it without any additional cost. It may take a week for them to repair the same.
  • $10 Replacement – In 3-4 business days, Metro orders a replacement mobile phone
  • $30 Over Counter Replacement – You can expect the authorities to rectify it right at the time, if they consist of replacement in stock.

Customers can visit to see the terms and conditions regarding the Disclaimer of Metro PCS Warranties. You can also get in touch with them on phone at 1-888-863-8768 to request for a detailed report by contacting the Metro PCS Customer service.

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