MetroPCS Phone Claim-Metropcs Phone Claim Number online

MetroPCS Phone Claim-Mobile phones have been immense necessity of today. However, if it damages or breaks, then it is highly frustrating. Hence, in order to solve the issue, Metro PCS has come up with MetroPCS Phone Claim

It gives you the convenience of claiming for a replacement device quickly and simply. Asurion does the task of quickly resolving the issue. You can visit or dial the number at 18668623397 to initiate your mymetroclaim.

What are the benefits which Premium Handset Protection (PHP) will do for me?

There will be detailed protection for mobile devices where any loss, damage or theft will be covered after the warranty period is expired.

The best thing about Premium Handset Protection Program is that it offers a substitute for the next business day. Right from the effect of 1st July 2019, (Barring few countries such as CT, NJ ad NY), T Mobile has a new provider. If your phone has met with any theft or you have damaged the phone before 1st July 2019, then the Premium Handset Protection is applicable for you. You need to file a T-Mobile Phone Claim.

You can keep track of your mymetroclaim. There is little basic information you need to provide for processing the claim, and they are in the form of general and incident details, shipping details, device details, and payment method.

Read Documentation of

Here, you need to provide documentation at MetroPCS Phone Claim and upload them at MetroPCS Online. For ensuring the same, you need to visit and then click on the complete documentation button. As you do, you will get on a page which requires you to complete the process in three stages:-

  • Download and Print – Type your phone number and Claim ID
  • Fill out – Fulfill the guidelines which are there on the first page of affidavit
  • Submit documentation – Get your copy of id issued by the government ready as you need to upload, fax or mail your complete details.

What is the process of filing, track or cancel MetroPCS Phone Claim?

It takes lots of time to file a claim; hence the frustration level goes sky high. But, your process will be done in a speedy manner if you visit MetroPCS Cell Phone Claim

The process of filing your Metro phone claim online

Get ready for an easy and quick exercise where you will be able to claim for the substitute.

Yes, you need to provide the exact thing that happened along with the billing and shipping address. Apart from the same, you also need to provide the payment method to be deductible along with the make and model of the device.

You will be updated with an email that gives you complete information about shipping and tracking information for your replacement device after the whole formality associated with your device claim has been met.

Track your phone claim

  • After filing a claim, you are expected to receive a substitute within 24 hours.
  • You need to report a claim within 60 or 90 days from the actual date of loss.
  • You need to return the damaged device with the prepaid shipping label you get with a replacement device.

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