Metropcs by t mobile review 2020

Metropcs by t mobile review

Metropcs by t mobile review-Are you thinking about having a low-cost cell phone carrier and don’t know which one to choose? Metro by T-Mobile, geberally MetroPCS, gives plans and add-ons that provide you flexibility and an expected bill each month.

Metropcs by t mobile review

Everything You want to Know About Metro by T-Mobile

Just read this article for everything you need to know before you sign up:

1. Plans and Pricing

Metro by T-Mobile offers many plans and add-on benifits with no annual contracts.

The company provides four plans: two with data caps and two with an unlimited data plan. Metro’s unlimited plans commence at $50 a month for a single line, but the price per line drops when you add more gatherings to your list.

2. Network

 T-Mobile has owned MetroPCS since 2013 and transfered the name to Metro by T-Mobile in 2018.

Metro goes on (you guessed it) T-Mobile’s network and uses their towers to offer coverage. Metro customers also have access to T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G coverage.

3. Getting Started

There are three short steps to enjoy service with Metro by T-Mobile:

  • Select a device from Metro or bring your Phone to the network
  • Purchase a SIM card
  • Go to Metro by T-Mobile

You can easily complete these steps by following on this site or visiting a Metro by T-Mobile store. Note that some Metro by T-Mobile stores still displays the old MetroPCS logo.

4. Phone Options

You should know your Phone’s IMEI number to check the compatibility. Here are a few steps to find it fast:

The company highlights on its website that a “Phone must be unlocked GSM device. Selective device functionalities may not be fully gained for BYOD customers. Visit store for details and data.”

If you purchase a phone through Metro, it is best to pay for it in full to get rid of finance charges.

5. Call and Text Performance

Till Metro by T-Mobile runs on T-Mobile’s network, you should be sure that your area has a strong T-Mobile connection before you connect.

Nicole from Team Clark is from Atlanta, where Metro by T-Mobile has a significant connection, so she faces few problems with her service.

6. Data Speeds

Data speed is necessary for everything from web browsing to streaming music.

We held six-speed examinations on Nicole’s LG Stylo 3+ from the Team Clark headquarters in Atlanta. The speed was 18.8 Mbps while downloading, and the average upload speed was 1.13 Mbps.

That’s a decent download speed average, mainly if you stream video on a site like Netflix or YouTube.

7. Customer Service

Nicole is a MetroPCS and Metro by T-Mobile customer for over18 years, and she faced had plenty of connections with customer service. 

Team Clark member Chelsea also has Metro by T-Mobile and got some billing problems.

You can enjoy customer care services on their website, in-store, or by calling 888-863-8768.

Final Thought

Metro by T-Mobile Review provides dependable and affordable plans on a significant network, plus customer service live chat, Phone, and in-person at its stores. You may have an interest in T-Mobile Connect’s prepaid plans that begin at $15 a month. 

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