Metro PCS Insurance-Metro pcs insurance claims Phone Number

Metro PCS Insurance phone number-Metro PCS Insurance has recently undergone few welcoming changes to accommodate more consumer friendly aspirations. Yes, the one who undertakes insurance is subjected to cover liquid damage, physical damage, loss, theft, along with mechanical as well as electrical breakdown even after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Right from the effect of 1st July, 2019, except few states namely NY, NJ and CT, a new provider has been assigned towards protecting your device.

You can go through to keep a track of the insurance be it filing, tracking or cancelling the claim.

What is the method to file or track your metro claim?

There can be no words to show remorse right at the time, when you lose your mobile phone. The only respite lies towards claiming for the same as you want the process to be quick and easy. Mostly, it takes just one business day to get the replacement device. .

Therefore, in the event of any unfortunate incident which your phone meets, you need to have mobile device protection. Asurion makes the whole process of handing over the fresh phone simple and easy, in the event if you have lost or got your phone damaged. In order to add on the best service supported by Asurion, it is sending the substitute appliance next day and there is a guarantee of 96% times, when it has already done the same.

Find Metropcs Phone claim online

The process to claim involves few formalities

  • You need to describe the exact cause along with billing and shipping address, device make and model along with process of payment
  • Once you have submitted the claim, you need to obtain email with shipping and monitoring data for the substitute device
  • Track Claim
  • After filing the claim, it is important to check after 24 hours.

Tips to note

  • The claim must be made within 60 or 90 days when the device has met with the loss
  • The damaged device needs to be returned with the prepaid shipping label which you will get once you get the replacement device.

How to Cancel Metropcs Phone Claim

  • If anyhow you want to cancel the claim, you can do so by getting in touch with Asurion with your claim ID or the wireless number related with device
  • The claim cancellation is dependent on the policy which you have got right at the time of purchase
  • You need to check for the terms and conditions.

New MetroGuard Charges

T-Mobile does adjustment to its telephone insurance scheme. MetroGUARD stops rebranding from July 13th which is then substituted by Premium Handset Protection. It safeguards your handset from robbery, loss, and harm along with failures which are out of guarantee. Even if you happen to be an existing customer of MetroGuard, you will automatically be subjected of modifications.

Like home or auto insurance, a deductible is included in the device protection plan and you can visit the nearest store to pay the deductible.

There are only 7 days on which you are subjected to add Premium Handset Protection Program as you have activated or upgraded

You can visit in order to know your deductible or submit or monitor a claim or go through FAQs

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